The following 14 new pieces were created for this 3 man show with painter Petra Pinn and potter Bill Gray at the Creative Space in July/August 2017

Broken Shore (2017)>

Broken Shore (2017) recreates a pondís edge with crockery shards in lieu of moss covered rocks and a film of oil covering the water like satin fabric, a toxic lure. It is part of my ongoing Rusted Beach series.

Bus Stop Abstract (2017)>

Bus Stop Abstract (2017) This is an ode to my bus stop, where I spend a lot of time waiting. Images of the bus shed, a transformer and abandoned trolley are superimposed on Sydney Basin sandstone.

Capture (2017)>

Capture (2017) In this new series, I use a tie-up rope to create windows to biomes of my imagination beneath the wharf.

Funerary Work (2017)>

Funerary Work (2017) is composed of patinated metal pieces arranged as mummy wrapping and the skull of a double oyster shell, the death of our oceans. It is another work in my Rusted Beach series.

Gold Fish (2017)>

Gold Fish (2017) are caught in the fatal thicket of the many nets, lines and lures that choke the seas.

Iron Seascape (2017)>

Iron Seascape (2017) is the montage of a rusted iron sheet with a night water view where suburban lights give way to astronomical ones, another work in the Rusted Beach series.

Jump for Joy (2017)>

Jump for Joy (2017) The simple pleasure of jumping into Pittwater on a summer's day.

Midnight Swim (2017)>

Midnight Swim (2017) And the simple pleasure of swimming in Pittwater on a summer's evening.

Monolith I (2017)>

Monolith I (2017)

Monolith II (2017)>

Monolith II (2017)

The two Monoliths are monochrome postcards from a past or future Turimetta Beach. The singularity of tone homogenises all elements in the photographs, making the real and the superimposed indistinguishable from each other and imparting a surreality, as in the way we visualised places when we only had drawings to go by.

My Cathedral (2017)>

My Cathedral (2017) The stained glass rendering of tree branches in this work celebrates the new religion of environmentalism.

Red Fire, Green Fire (2017)>

Red Fire, Green Fire (2017) This is an imaginary landscape, the red of natural fire juxtaposed with the green fire of street lights of human settlement.

The Yabby Ponds (2017)>

The Yabby Ponds (2017) A flock of buff banded rails common to Scotland Island is transposed to the Yabby Ponds in Ku-ring-gai Chase.

Wellspring (2017)>

Wellspring (2017) The hope-filled certainty of a photographic waterfall appears from an uncertain understory of abstracted forms.