Constant Craving - Earthly Delights (Eramboo Artist Environment) - 2018

I was one of four artists in the third and final exhibition of the series "Constant Craving" curated by Dr Therese Kenyon at Eramboo Artist Environment, June-July 2018.

The Garden of Earthly Delights (2018)>

The Garden of Earthly Delights is set at the Mall. The Mall’s mouth-watering spectacle creates the need to buy things “you didn’t even know you wanted” and it depends on this need to keep itself alive. Among the bejewelled mannequins, my cast of characters sport the outsized drinks, smartphones and beautiful bags containing their purchases. In the centre on the escalator is a young girl, her eyes taking it all in, seduced and influenced to crave what she could probably easily live without.

Mara (2018)>

The idea of craving as addiction is explored in Mara, a reference to the Buddhist demon of desire. I’ve always had a passion for rocks and minerals. When I was young, I would collect rocks in the woods behind my house. At one time I kept them in a pail under my bed but my father took them from my room one day and threw them out into the yard (two images in this work refer to this story, the pail of rocks and the one- legged figure, my father). On the other hand, he was the parent who would take me the Museum of Natural History in New York to admire the rocks and minerals there. This work is based on a Buddhist thangka. As a young traveller, I bought rice paper thangkas in Kathmandu, unpainted black line art like in a colouring book intending to try it myself one day. Years later after my daughter was born, I was housebound and took one of the thangkas out and over many months watercolored it, immersed in the meditative process, unconcerned with reaching the end. The coloring-in was my artistic outlet until my daughter was finally old enough to be weaned and I went back to work. I still have the thangkas though the one I worked on for so many months is still unfinished.