Green Land (2014)>

"Green Land (2014)" and the next two works are three of my imaginary landscapes. They generally have an aerial perspective as if the viewer is landing for the first time to a previously undiscovered place. I'm referencing satellite photos of the planets and their moons which, because of the distance from which they're taken, can only give us suggestions as to the true nature and detail of their surfaces.

On the Reserve (2014)>

"On the Reserve" is a reinvention of a work I made two years ago. The boundaries are defined by something other than the edges of a canvas and my imaginary fauna - presumably disappearing and in need of such conservation - live in this Noah's ark of a place. The boundaries suggest a serene, untethered world.

On the Ridge (2014)>

"On the Ridge" is another reinvented work. The balance of power is tipped in favour of nature and humans inhabit a small compound, a gesture to our distant past.

Woman's Refuge (2014)>

The use of rock in my work is a metaphor for stability and longevity. "Womanís Refuge" is a celebration of women managing their lives and owning their own homes. The expectation that a womanís financial position wonít exceed her husbandís still applies in todayís society. And womenís refuges still exist, crowded by women fleeing dangerous relationships often with their children in tow and without money while the husband as property owner remains at home.

The woman in my landscape is fused with it, a part of its natural order and strengthened by it. The cloth flowers are borrowed from a memorial in Brookvale for a victim of violence, a young man, since violence affects us all. Faded, they are now more beautiful than when they were new. The fence is a repurposed pallet. The golden splitter is a symbol of independence: learning to do what we think only others are capable of brings freedom.